Shropshire Chess AGM Proposed Agenda


2021 Annual General Meeting 

President: Matthew Clark

To all officers and members of the Shropshire Chess Association:

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting will be held at the Telepost Club, Shrewsbury on Monday 26th July 2021 at 7.30pm.

Please ensure that any trophies held by your club are brought to the AGM for presentation, where required.


Apologies for absence. 

  1. Minutes of the 2020 AGM (approval and matters arising – copies can be viewed online here.) 
  1. Election of new General Secretary. Tony Preece will be nominated.
  1. Proposal 1 John Casewell. 

“I propose that the Shropshire Chess Association continue to embrace online chess by running an online league alongside the over the board version and consider running a rapid play competition and an individual competition online.”

  1. Proposal 2 Mark Smith

“Senior Teams should be allowed to enter the League with the same privileges as Junior Teams.”

  1. President’s Report. Matthew Clark
  1. Other Officer’s reports. Incl trophy presentation

OfficerIncumbentTo include:
aTreasurerChris Lewis
bAuditorRichard Thompson
cLeague ControllerAdrian Zdanowski
dShropshire Rapid Play LeagueChris Lewis
eCounty IndividualNick Rutter
fMinor County IndividualChris Lewis
gCox & Minor TrophiesAdrian Zdanowski 
hSummer Quick play Toby Neal
i Publicity OfficerToby Neal
jGrading OfficerNick Rutter
kWebsite EditorNick Holmes
l4 NCL TeamChris Lewis
mECF DelegateNick Rutter
  1. Confirmation of new 4NCL Captain and Vice-Captain.

8. Trophy Presentation

9. AOB.