Quiet Chess at the Unison Club – Tuesdays

There is a brand new Chess Club starting at the Unison Club, on Tuesday evenings at 18.15 hrs, for those who wish to concentrate on chess, and how to play it. Some chess players wish for an environment where they have no distractions. The club is quiet at 18.15 in the chess rooms. The bar is almost empty, and there is a calm playing atmosphere in which one can concentrate. This is a non-league Chess Club for social chess.

I have just completed my training for enabling the best assistance and support possible for people who require or are most comfortable in this environment. There will be tuition and free courses to quietly encourage people to improve. Should you wish to stay longer, the Unison Chess Club starts immediately afterwards at 19.15 every Tuesday night.

Kind Regards,

Paul Billington

Shropshire Chess Inclusion Officer