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Rapidplay Division 1


Division 1

14-Dec-2018, Shrewsbury B v Newport A: 1.5 - 3.5
11-Dec-2018, Maddocks A v Shrewsbury A: 4 - 1
  26-Nov-2018, Telepost A v Newport B: 2.5 - 1.5
26-Nov-2018, Shrewsbury A v Maddocks A: 1 - 3
26-Nov-2018, Telepost A v Shrewsbury A: 2 - 2
26-Nov-2018, Newport B v Maddocks A: 2.5 - 1.5
26-Nov-2018, Maddocks A v Telepost A: 1.5 - 2.5
26-Nov-2018, Newport B v Shrewsbury A: 3 - 1
13-Dec-2018, Church Stretton A v Telford A: 1 - 3
13-Dec-2018, Shrewsbury B v Brewood A: 3 - 1
13-Dec-2018, Brewood A v Church Stretton A: 2 - 1
13-Dec-2018, Telford A v Shrewsbury B: 2 - 2
12-Dec-2018, Church Stretton A v Shrewsbury B: 0 - 4
12-Dec-2018, Brewood A v Telford A: 1 - 3

Division 2

06-Dec-2018, Newport B v Oswestry B: 3.5 - 1.5
04-Dec-2018, Maddocks B v Telepost C: 4 - 1

Division 3

13-Dec-2018, Newport C v Telford B: 3 - 1
10-Dec-2018, Maddocks C v Newport D: 2.5 - 1.5

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Change of Chess Club Details

Oswestry Chess Club
From the new year
Venue will be:-
Oswestry Senior Citizens Club,
Lorne Street,
Oswestry SY11 1ND.

Richard Bryant

Ludlow Chess Club
New Venue- The Church Inn
King St, Ludlow SY8 1AW
Club night 1st, 3rd & 4th Thursdays

Joe Watson (Tel: 01584831982) 12/08/2018

Shropshire Minor Individual Championship.
Open to players up to grade 125 - Entries close 30th Sept
Details here:- Chris Lewis - controller
Shropshire Individual Championship.
7 round swiss played from October to June, one round per month. ( Nick Rutter - controller
Shrewsbury Town Championships 2018
Details here - Keith Tabner - controller
Summer Team Quickplay
Held in June at the Wrekin Housing Trust, Telford..
Details here - Toby Neal- controller

Summer KO Cup Team Competitions
Details here for the Cox Trophy
and the Minor Knockout Trophy
Keith Tabner - Controller  
Link to Live Games
Courtesy of Shrewsbury Chess Club
Shropshire Chess Association AGM 10th July 2018
AGM Minutes

Matthew Clark - General Secretary

Shropshire Rapidplay League
Details and rules here - Chris Lewis - controller

Newport Summer Open Events
Details here - Chris Lewis - controller
Current Grades
Here are the Shropshire Grades.
Shropshire Rapidplay Grades
and online grading database,
Nick Rutter - Grading Officer
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2017-18 Roll of Honour
Div 1 Champions = Newport A............ Runners Up = Oswestry A.........
Div 2 Champions = Church Stretton A.......... Runners Up = Shrewsbury B........
Div 3 Champions = Telford B......Runners Up = Oswestry B......
Quickplay Winners =Newport...........Runners Up =Telepost...........
Cox Trophy Winners = Newport A...Runners Up =Shrewsbury A........
Minor KO Winners = Shrewsbury B.......Runners Up = Default......
The County Individual Champion - Nick Rutter
County Minor Individual Champion - Tony Preece
Shrewsbury Town Champion - Trevor Brotherton
2016-17 Roll of Honour
Div 1 Champions = Newport A............ Runners Up = Telepost A.........
Div 2 Champions = Wellington A.......... Runners Up = Telford A........
Div 3 Champions = Priorslee Lions B......Runners Up = Wellington B......
Quickplay Winners =Newport...........Runners Up =Telepost...........
Cox Trophy Winners =Telepost A...Runners Up =Newport A........
Minor KO Winners = Telepost B.......Runners Up = Telford A......
The County Individual Champion - Nick Rutter
Shrewsbury Town Champion - Nigel Ferrington
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