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Welcome to the home of Shropshire Chess Association. We are the organising body for chess clubs across Shropshire, running a range of team and individual competitions and the annual Shropshire Congress. Have a look around our site to see what we do – any of our clubs will be pleased to welcome you, or contact our President for more information.

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Interested in chess? Whatever your standard, you’re sure to find a warm welcome at one of our Shropshire Chess Clubs

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Roll of honour

 2019 – 20202018-2019
Division 1 ChampionsNewport ANewport A
Division 1 Runners UpMaddocks AMaddocks A
Division 2 ChampionsTelepost CNewport B
Division 2 Runners UpWellington ANewport C
Division 3 ChampionsOswestry BShrewsbury C
Division 3 Runners UpTelepost DNewport C
Rapidplay Division 1 ChampionsNewport ANewport A
Rapidplay Division 1 Runners UpTelepost ATelepost A
Rapidplay Division 2 ChampionsShrewsbury ANewport B
Rapidplay Division 2 ChampionsTelford AMaddocks B
Quickplay ChampionsNewport ANewport A
Quickplay Runners UpTelepost AMad Wolves
Cox Trophy WinnersNot held due to covidNewport A
Cox Trophy Runners UpNot held due to covidMaddocks A
Minor Knockout WinnersNot held due to covidShrewsbury C
Minor Knockout Runners UpNot held due to covidNewport B
County Individual ChampionNathanael PaulNick Rutter
County Minor Individual ChampionDaniel Hilditch-LoveJohn Westhead
Shrewsbury Town ChampionNot held due to covidJ Hopkins, P Kitchen, D Everington
Colin Roberts Memorial Trophy WinnerNigel Ferrington