Colin Roberts Memorial Trophy

August 2022 – congratulations to this season’s winner – Glyn Pugh. His winning game can be viewed by following the Shortlist link below.

Entries are invited for the 2021/22 season for the Colin Roberts Memorial Trophy, a brilliancy/best game prize in memory of the late Colin Roberts.

Colin Roberts

Because the season was split between online games and OTB games, online games will continue to be valid for the brilliancy prize this time round. (Next season, assuming the pandemic does not return, it will revert to OTB entries only).

The prize is a trophy for the best game by a Shropshire player in any competition anywhere during the season (does not include blitz or non-competitive games). Current holder is William Bates.

Please spread the word, especially if you see somebody who has played a corker.

Entries i.e. scoresheets with details of the opponent and the competition (feel free to annotate the game too if you feel like it) to me, Toby Neal – at

If you know how, please send scoresheets in pgn format, because this means they can be posted in a play-overable form on the website.

Closing date for entries is June 30, 2022, and the winning game will be chosen by an ad hoc judging panel.

Previous winners:

2021William Bates
2020Nigel Ferrington