Shropshire Chess League is a team competition, currently of three divisions.

Web scorecard – captains use this page to record results for our automated database

Fixtures and results – a summary of current standings with further details in the pages below. Previous years can be accessed from the relevant division page.

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Rapidplay Division 1

Rapidplay Division 2

League Statistics – detailed results for teams and players:

Division 1 team stats

Division 2 team stats

Division 3 team stats

Player stats

Team Results Cross Table

Captains – contact details for the current season

Rules – current SCA rules for each competition, both over the board and online:

League rules

Online league rules

Rapidplay rules

Online rapidplay rules

Player eligibility flowchart – a visual guide to checking if a player can play for your team

Online Rapidplay League 2020-21 – fixtures and results for the special Arena format introduced this year

Shropshire Online Chess Grades and Usernames – Lichess usernames for online competitions

League Archive – fixtures and results that predate the database

Past Champions – historical record of competition winners