County Individual

Shropshire Individual Championship 2021-22

Controller Nick Rutter. Contact at

The tournament is for Shropshire players only and the winner will be Shropshire champion and hold the trophy for one year.

Entry fee £10. 

Prizes 1st £ 45 2nd £35 

 U 1800 £30

 U 1600 £30

For Ungraded players, eligibility for prizes will be based on their January rating or if still unrated then Rapid play or if none then online rating. Players can only win one prize.

Time control: 1hour and 25 minutes plus 10 seconds per move

The Tournament will be a 7 round swiss starting from 20th October 2021 ending in May 2022.

The player with the black pieces will have choice of club venue, except Juniors who will always play at home.

In the event of a tie for first place, there will be tie break of two games (each player having white and black). 

If there are more than 2 players tied then the tie break rules will be set after discussion with the players involved.

Pairings for round 1                             (please play by 1st Dec 2021)
White                                    Black
Nick Rutter                                           Stuart Ross
Dan Hilditch-Love                                   Nat Paul
Trevor Brotherton  (withdrawn)               0-1                                       Munroe Morrison
Nick Holmes                            0-1   Chris Lewis
Glyn Pugh                                       1-0                               Richard Thompson
Andy Jones   (withdrawn)                             0-1                                Matthew Clark
Tony Preece                                   0-1   Thalia Holmes
Steve Tarr                                   1-0     BYE