County Individual

Shropshire Individual Championship 2020-21

This year’s tournament is being played online, using LiChess.


2ND : Nick Rutter and Nat Paul 5.5

U160 grading prize: Matthew Clark 3.5

U140 grading prize: Kate Walker and John Westhead 3

Round 7 pairings

Matthew Clark (3.5)0-1Nat Paul (4.5)
Dave Gostelow (3)0-1Nick Rutter (4.5)
Steve Tarr (3)0-1Simon Maydew (5)
John Westhead (2) 1-0Phil Zabrocki (4)
Kate Walker (3) 0-1Chris Lewis (3)
Richard Thompson (1.5) 1-dToby Neal (2)
Dave Lovegrove (1) 0-1Brian Whyte (2)

Round 6 pairings

Phil Zabrocki (3.5)½-½Nat Paul (4)
Dave Gostelow (3)0-1Simon Maydew (4)
Nick Rutter (3.5)1-0Brian Whyte (2)
Chris Lewis (3)0-1Matthew Clark (2.5)
John Westhead (2)0-1Kate Walker (2)
Toby Neal (2)0-1Steve Tarr (2)
Richard Thompson (1.5)0-1Dave Lovegrove (0)

Round 5 pairings

Simon Maydew (3.5)½-½Phil Zabrocki (3)
Nat Paul (3)1-0Nick Rutter (3.5)
Matthew Clark (2)½-½Dave Gostelow (2.5)
Chris Lewis (2) 1-0John Westhead (2)
Brian Whyte (0++) 1-0Richard Thompson (1.5)
Kate Walker (1) 1-0Steve Tarr (1+)
Dave Lovegrove (0) 0-1Toby Neal (1+)

Round 4 pairings

Nick Rutter (3)½-½Simon Maydew (3)
Nat Paul (2)1-0Chris Lewis (2)
Phil Zabrocki (2)1-0Matthew Clark (2)
Toby Neal (1+)0-1Dave Gostelow (1.5)
John Westhead (1)1-0Richard Thompson (1.5)
Steve Tarr (1) 1-0Brian Whyte (0+)
Kate Walker (0)1-0Dave Lovegrove (0)

Round 3 pairings

Nick Rutter (2)1-0Matthew Clark (2)
Simon Maydew (2)1-0Nat Paul (2)
Dave Gostelow (1)½-½Chris Lewis (1.5)
Steve Tarr (1) 0-1Phil Zabrocki (1)
Brian Whyte (0)  1-0Toby Neal (1)
Richard Thompson (0.5)1-0Kate Walker (0)
Dave Lovegrove (0)0-1John Westhead (0)

Round 2 pairings

Phil Zabrocki (1) 0-1Nick Rutter (1)
Nat Paul (1)1-0Dave Gostelow (1)
Matthew Clark (1)1-0Brian Whyte (0+) 
Chris Lewis (0.5)1-0Dave Lovegrove (0)
Simon Maydew (0+) 1-0Richard Thompson (0.5)
Toby Neal (0)1-0Kate Walker (0)
John Westhead (0)0-1Steve Tarr (0)

Round 1 pairings

Nick Rutter1-0Toby Neal
Steve Tarr0-1Nat Paul
Brian Whyte0-1Simon Maydew
Kate Walker0-1Phil Zabrocki
Dave Gostelow1-0John Westhead
Richard Thompson½-½Chris Lewis
Matthew Clark1-0Dave Lovegrove

Controller Nick Rutter. Contact at

The tournament is for Shropshire players only and the winner will be Shropshire champion and hold the trophy for one year.

Entry fee £10. 

Prizes (grading prizes based on July ECF OB grades_

1st £45

2nd £35

U160 £30

U140 £30

As the tournament is ECF online rated, players must be a member of the ECF. 

Time control: 45 minutes plus 15 seconds per move

The Tournament will be a 7 round swiss starting from 18th October 2020 ending in May 2021.

All games must be rated games on Lichess and will be submitted for ECF online ratings.

In the event of a tie for first place, there will be tie break of two games (each player having white and black). 

Anti-cheating rules

Please do not use any assistance when playing e.g. software or books. 

Lichess has anti-cheating software. For this tournament, it is essential that all games are played as ‘rated games’ and not ‘casual games’ so that the anti-cheating software will be turned on. 

In the event that Lichess identifies cheating, then please finish the game if you can and let me know what happened so that I can investigate. 

In addition, if anyone thinks another player is cheating, please let me know on a confidential basis so that I can investigate.