Minor Knockout

Controller – Daniel Hilditch-Love

Fixtures and results – current season

Round Three

DateHome TeamScoreAway Team
27/6/24Maddocks C1 – 3Telepost B
8/7/24Maddocks B3 – 1Newport B

Round Two

DateHome TeamScoreAway Team
N/ATelepost B4 – defTelepost E
11/6/24Telepost Junior1.5 – 2.5Maddocks C
28/5/24Newport B4 – 0Newport Junior
4/6/24Telepost D0 – 4Maddocks B

Round One

DateHome TeamScoreAway Team
10/01/2024Shrewsbury B0 – 4Telepost B
04/01/2024Oswestry B1.5 – 2.5Telepost E
08/01/2024Telepost Junior3-1Church Stretton
18/01/2024Maddocks C2-2 Maddocks win on board countTelepost F
19/12/2023Newport B2.5 – 1.5Newport C
POSTPONEDNewport Junior2-2 Newport win on board countTelford B
POSTPONEDTelford Junior1.5 – 2.5Telepost D
N/AMaddocks B1-0Bye

Detailed results

Rules of the competition


This competition will be governed in accordance with the competition rules of the Shropshire Chess Association – available here.


Note: rules 1 and 4 have been rewritten for the 2023-24 season, as agreed at the SCA AGM on 24/7/23

1.  The controller will publish in advance at the start of the season the weeks during which each knockout round must be played and as the pairings become known they will publish the exact dates. The controller should ensure the knockout concludes immediately after the league season. Matches must be played on the appointed date unless in exceptional circumstances another date is agreed by the controller.

2. Teams that played in Divisions 2 and 3 will compete in the Minor Knockout.

3. All matches will be played between teams of four players.
4. A player can only play for a team if they were so eligible to play for that team in a standardplay league fixture. Additionally, to be eligible:- prior to round 1 a player must have played at least 1 game for their club in the standardplay league. Prior to round 2 a player must have played a total of at least 2 games for their club taking the sum of their games in the knockout trophy and/or the standardplay league. Prior to round 3 a player must have played at least 3 games for their club taking the sum of their games in the knockout trophy and/or the standardplay league. If applicable, prior to round 4 (or 5) a player must have played at least 4 (or 5) games for their club taking the sum of their games in the knockout trophy and/or the standardplay league.

5. Timetable
The date for each tie is as given. The captains may agree to play earlier, but if the fixture is not played by the designated date and the organisers have not been informed of a reason then both teams could be disqualified.

6. Fixtures published on the website will indicate home (h) and away (a). In round one the team named first in the draw will be the home team In round two and three the home team will be determined by the organisers and the captains informed. 

7. All games will be played under league rules.

8. Captains will toss for choice of colours.

9. In the event of a 2-2 draw, then the lower boards will be progressively eliminated until a result is established.
If all four games are drawn then the team with black on odd boards will win.

10. Tournament Controller:- Daniel Hilditch-Love, lovedaniel47@gmail.com

Previous season results

Round 1
12/6/23 Telepost E v Newport B: 0.5-3.529/6/23 Telford B v Telepost C: 2.5-1.5
12/6/23 Telepost D v Telepost C: 0.5-3.527/7/23 Telford B v Telford A: 1-3
Telford A – bye13/7/23 Telford A v Newport B: 2.5-1.5
Telford B – default

Past winners of the Minor Trophy

Please help us name the team members. who played in previous finals. For known information please email Keith Tabner.

YearWinnersWinning Team
2023Telford AMark Keady, Dave Hollands, Toby Neal, Richard Szwajkun
2022Competition not held
2020 Competition not held due to coronavirus
2019Shrewsbury CIvor Salter, Ian Davies, Norman O’Connor, Tony Purser
2018Shrewsbury BMark Smith, Ivor Salter, Ian Davies, Norman O’Connor, Tony Purser
2017Telepost BKeith Tabner, Steve Kempsell, Peter Crean, John Westhead
2016Ludlow ALee Davis, Richard Croot, Joseph Watson, Robert Woodley
2015Telepost BKeith Tabner, Steve Kempsell, John Westhead, Vinnie Crean
2014Shrewsbury BMatthew Best, Daniel Lockett, Norman O’Connor, Mark Smith
2013Wellington AColin Roberts, Toby Neal, Richard Gillespie, John Lenton
2012Telepost CNoel Kiffin, Charles Micallef, John Westhead, Vinnie Crean
2011Shifnal & Telford BSteve Tarr, Richard Thompson, Iain Wilson, Windsor Peck
2008Shrewsbury B
2007Shrewsbury B S.Rooney, D.Lockett, M.Smith, I.Davies, A.Lewis 
2005Telepost C D.Bates, S.Kempsall, J.Westhead, D.Adderley, V.Crean 
2004LudlowK.Thomson, B.Woodley, D.Storey, G.Link, J.Whittaker