Shrewsbury Town Championships

The Shrewsbury Town Championship Cup

Tournament controller – Paul Billington – or 07849 203603

Summer 2023 Championship


This competition will be governed in accordance with the competition rules of the Shropshire Chess Association – available here.


This is a five round Swiss tournament for the titles Shrewsbury Town Champion (overall winner), Shrewsbury Town U1700 Champion (highest score by a player graded under 1700), and Shrewsbury Town U1400 Champion. 

This is an OTB competition, which can be played at any venue with the necessary arrangements and facilities, however, it is expected that the games will be played this year at the Telepost Club on a Monday night, although some players can only play online. If a person is drawn to play their game online, then both players will need to have a Lichess account and will play the game online at a time and date convenient for both players.

The person listed first in the pairing is white and will have responsibility for contacting their opponent to arrange the game. The time format will be 1:25 mins with 10 sec increments. The online time format is the same: 1:25 mins with 10 sec increments.

Please let me know how you get on by emailing me on or phone or text : 07849203603

To be eligible to enter you must be a member of either of the town’s chess clubs and of the ECF. Entry is free and games played count towards your ECF rating.

The first game will be played sometime during May, and I will make the second round draw at the end of May, ready for the second round to be played during June, and so on until the Tournament finishes at the end of September 2023

The overall winner will be the person with the highest number of points at the end of the 5th round.

IN THE EVENT OF THERE BEING TWO PEOPLE on the same points at the end of September there will be a tie-break game in early October.

There really is a chance for anyone to gain recognition for playing well with this format, so may I wish each and everyone the best of luck!

 Good luck to all and feel free to contact me at any time – Paul Billington.

Summer 2023 table and fixtures

2023 Shrewsbury Town Champion – Nigel Ferrington

U1700 winners: Shane Greenwood, Alex Brims, John Casewell

U1400 winner: Rudi Bedford

Last update 1/3/24 (NH)

Grades are April ECF OTB, where available, or April ECF online. Players in italics are online players

Nigel Ferrington – Shrewsbury Town Champion2122870107
Daniel Lockett1754851205.5
Alex Brims – U1700 joint winner1415851205.5
Trevor Brotherton2058640204
Shane Greenwood – U1700 joint winner1629640204
John Casewell (SalopianBlade43) – U1700 joint winner1316640204
Daniel Hilditch-Love1881531103.5
Cesar Pileggi1506531103.5
Nick Holmes1471531103.5
Rudi Bedford (Junior) – U1400 winner1142531103.5
Peter Kitchen1893522103
Matthew Clark1851522103
Fred Bench1711530103
Mark Smith1791521202.5
John Westhead1632521202.5
Sam Hollands (Junior)1607521202.5
Archie Flavell (Junior)1364521202.5
Ric Pugh (Pughie)1267520302
Rhys Macmillan (Junior)UG420202
Zac HerdUG510312
Martin Ayres1241511301.5
Tony Purser1447510301
Henry Bedford (Junior)1113500411
Ken VidlerUG510401
Ben RoseUG500411
Merry Curtis (Junior)UG510401
Charlie Bethune (Junior)1367401200.5
Rob Nield (withdrawn)1751110001
Stephen Priestley (withdrawn)1688000000
Richard Vernon (withdrawn)1292200200

Play-off round two – deadline 31/3/24

Alex Brims0-1Nigel Ferrington
Nigel Ferrington1-0Dan Lockett
Dan Lockett0.5-0.5Alex Brims

Play-off round one

Please play your match as soon as possible. For player contact information, refer to Paul’s email. Please email the result to Paul Billington – ( Play-offs will continue until there is one overall winner.

Nigel Ferrington1-0Shane Greenwood
Alex Brims1-defTrevor Brotherton
Dan Lockett1-0John Casewell

Round Five

Dan Lockett1-0Dan Hilditch-Love
Peter Kitchen0-1Trevor Brotherton
Fred Bench0-1Nigel Ferrington
Shane Greenwood1-0Sam Hollands
Rudi Bedford0.5-0.5Mark Smith
Nick Holmes0.5-0.5Matthew Clark
John Casewell1-0Merry Curtis
Archie Flavell0-1John Westhead
Alex Brims1-0Charlie Bethune
Cesar Pileggi1-0Martin Ayres
Rhys MacMillan1-defTony Purser
Ben Rosedef-1Ric Pugh
Ken Vidler1-0Henry Bedford
Zac Herd1-0Bye

Round Four

Trevor Brotherton1-0Dan Lockett
Dan Hilditch-Love1-0Rudi Bedford
Mark Smith0-1Peter Kitchen
Nigel Ferrington1-0Matthew Clark
Sam Hollands1-0Fred Bench
Martin Ayres0-1Shane Greenwood
John Westhead0.5-0.5Cesar Pileggi
Ric Pugh0-1Nick Holmes
Merry Curtis0-1Archie Flavell
Henry Bedford0-1Alex Brims
Zac Herddef-1John Casewell
Charlie Bethune0-0Rhys Macmillan
Tony Purser1-0Ken Vidler
Ben Rose1-0Bye

Round Three

Nigel Ferrington1-0Mark Smith
Fred Bench1-0Trevor Brotherton
Cesar Pileggi0-1Dan Hilditch-Love
Rudi Bedford1-defRob Nield
Peter Kitchen0.5-0.5Sam Hollands
Matthew Clark1-0John Westhead
Dan Lockett1-0Henry Bedford
Shane Greenwood1-0Ric Pugh
Archie Flavell0.5-0.5Martin Ayres
Nick Holmes1-0Charlie Bethune
Alex Brims1-defZac Herd
John Casewell1-0Tony Purser
Ben Rose0-1Merry Curtis
Ken Vidler0-1Rhys Macmillan

Round Two

Trevor Brotherton1-0Nigel Ferrington
Dan Hilditch-Love0.5-0.5Peter Kitchen
Rob Nielddef-1Dan Lockett
John Westhead0-1Fred Bench
Mark Smith1-0Shane Greenwood
Sam Hollands0-1Matthew Clark
Henry Bedford0-1Cesar Pileggi
Charlie Bethune0-1Rudi Bedford
Tony Purser0-1Archie Flavell
Richard Vernondef-1Nick Holmes
Merry Curtis0-1Alex Brims
Rhys MacMillan0-1John Casewell
Ric Pugh1-0Ken Vidler
Zac Herd1-defBen Rose
Martin Ayres1-0Bye

Round One

Nigel Ferrington1-0Rhys Macmillan
Nick Holmes0-1Trevor Brotherton
Peter Kitchen1-0Tony Purser
Alex Brims0-1Dan Hilditch-Love
Matthew Clark0.5-0.5Charlie Bethune
Archie Flavell0-1Mark Smith
Dan Lockett1-0Richard Vernon
John Casewell0-1Rob Nield
Fred Bench1-0Martin Ayres
Rudi Bedford1-0Ric Pugh
Bye0-1Henry Bedford
Ben Rose0-1John Westhead
Shane Greenwood1-0Merry Curtis
Ken Vidler0-1Sam Hollands
Cesar Pileggi1-0Zac Herd

Congratulations to the 2022 winners:

Shrewsbury Town Champion – Nigel Ferrington

U1700 Champion – Stephen Priestley

U1400 Champion – Alex Brims

Champions Roll of Honour

2022Nigel FerringtonStephen PriestleyAlex Brims
2021Nathanael PaulStephen PriestleyMartin Ayres
2020Not held due to covid
2019J Hopkins / T BrothertonJohn WestheadJames Birch
2018J Hopkins / P Kitchen / D Everington John Westhead Nick Holmes 
2017Trevor Brotherton Steve Kempsell Shane Sweeney 
2016Nigel Ferrington Peter Kitchen 
2015Nigel Ferrington Steve Kempsell Nick Holmes 
2014Trevor Brotherton Keith Tabner Nick Holmes 
2013Nigel Ferrington Ivor Salter / Keith Tabner Kate Walker 
2012Nigel Ferrington Ian Davies Shane Sweeney 
2011David Everington Ivor Salter John Casewell
2010Jamie Hopkins Keith Tabner John Casewell 

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