Shrewsbury Town Championships

Tournament controller – Paul Billington – or 07849 203603

Summer 2021 Championship

This is a five round Swiss tournament for the titles Shrewsbury Town Champion (overall winner), Shrewsbury Town U1700 Champion (highest score by a player graded under 1700), and Shrewsbury Town U1400 Champion. 

This year’s championship will be played on Lichess so you will need a Lichess account. Following that It couldn’t be simpler, just contact your opponent and arrange to play a game on Lichess at your convenience. The time format will be 45 mins with 15 sec increments. (Please ensure the game is rated.) Send me the result ASAP by email to or ring me on 07849 203603.

To be eligible you must be a member of one of the town’s chess clubs and of the ECF. Entry is free and games played count toward your Lichess online rating and will be submitted to the ECF for online rating (this is entirely separate to and has no effect on ECF OTB ratings). Two points for a win, one for a draw.

The tournament will run from May until September.  I will publish each round by e-mail and on this page.

 Good luck to all and feel free to contact me at any time. – Paul Billington – (

Congratulations to the 2021 winners:

Shrewsbury Town Champion – James Wilkinson

U1700 Champion – Fred Bench

U1400 Champion – Martin Ayres

Summer 2021 table and fixtures

Last update – 30 September (NH)

Jim Wilkinson (jimwilk)16385500010
Nathanael Paul (natpaul)2125531107
Mark Smith (marksmith77)1803523007
Daniel Lockett (SilurianDan)1743523007
Fred Bench (stripedbooh)1556531107
Matthew Clark (Budapest23)1870522106
Peter Kitchen (JournoPete83)1870522106
Rob Nield (rdeborn)1690522106
Stephen Priestley (Casimir7)1638522106
Dennis Bonner (Wheathill)1480522106
Ivor Salter (Mr_Ivor)1555521205
Paul Billington (oldchessdude)1533521205
Francis Best (ephpeebee)1900512204
Robin Nayman (rnayman)1687520304
Keith Tabner (keithchessblue)1668520304
Norman O’Connor (redboyx)1555504104
Anthony Purser (Charantony)1443512204
Martin Ayres (martinay)1255520304
Nick Holmes (telenick)1540511303
John Casewell (SalopianBlade43)1300511303
Foley Stocks (foleystocks)UG510402
Mark Randell (sparky_71)UG500500

Round One

Nat Paul1-0Ivor Salter
Norman O’Connor0.5-0.5Francis Best
Peter Kitchen1-0Nick Holmes
Paul Billington0-1Matthew Clark
Mark Smith1-0Dennis Bonner
Anthony Purser0-1Dan Lockett
Robin Nayman0-1John Casewell
Martin Ayres0-1Keith Tabner
Jim Wilkinson1-0Rob Nield
Foley Stocks0-1Stephen Priestley
Fred Bench1-0Mark Randell

Round Two

Matthew Clark0-1Nat Paul
Dan Lockett0.5-0.5Peter Kitchen
Stephen Priestley0.5-0.5Mark Smith
Keith Tabner0-1Jim Wilkinson
John Casewell0-1Fred Bench
Francis Best1-0Robin Nayman
Rob Nield1-0Norman O’Connor
Ivor Salter0-1Paul Billington
Nick Holmes1-0Foley Stocks
Dennis Bonner0.5-0.5Anthony Purser
Mark Randell0-1Martin Ayres

Round Three

Jim Wilkinson1-0Nat Paul
Peter Kitchen0.5-0.5Francis Best
Mark Smith0.5-0.5Dan Lockett
Stephen Priestley1-0Nick Holmes
Paul Billington0.5-0.5Rob Nield
Fred Bench0.5-0.5Matthew Clark
Martin Ayres1-0John Casewell
Norman O’Connor0.5-0.5Dennis Bonner
Anthony Purser0-1Keith Tabner
Foley Stocks1-0Mark Randell
Robin Nayman0-1Ivor Salter

Round Four

Stephen Priestley0-1Jim Wilkinson
Nat Paul1-0Fred Bench
Francis Best0-1Mark Smith
Keith Tabner0-1Peter Kitchen
Dan Lockett1-0Martin Ayres
Rob Nield0.5-0.5Matthew Clark
Nick Holmes0-1Paul Billington
Ivor Salter0.5-0.5Norman O’Connor
Dennis Bonner1-0Foley Stocks
John Casewell0.5-0.5Antony Purser
Mark Randell0-1Robin Nayman

Round Five

Please play your match by September 30th. For player contact information, refer to Paul’s email. Please let Kate Walker know the date and time of your match for the online calendar, and email the result to Paul Billington – (

Jim Wilkinson1-0Peter Kitchen
Mark Smith0.5-0.5Nat Paul
Dan Lockett0.5-0.5Stephen Priestley
Paul Billington0-1Fred Bench
Rob Nield1-0Francis Best
Matthew Clark1-0Keith Tabner
Martin Ayres0-1Dennis Bonner
Norman O’Connor0.5-0.5Nick Holmes
John Casewell0-1Ivor Salter
Anthony Purser1-0Mark Randell
Robin Nayman1-0Foley Stocks

Champions Roll of Honour

2021James WilkinsonFred BenchMartin Ayres
2020Not held due to covid
2019J Hopkins / T BrothertonJohn WestheadJames Birch
2018J Hopkins / P Kitchen / D Everington John Westhead Nick Holmes 
2017Trevor Brotherton Steve Kempsell Shane Sweeney 
2016Nigel Ferrington Peter Kitchen 
2015Nigel Ferrington Steve Kempsell Nick Holmes 
2014Trevor Brotherton Keith Tabner Nick Holmes 
2013Nigel Ferrington Ivor Salter / Keith Tabner Kate Walker 
2012Nigel Ferrington Ian Davies Shane Sweeney 
2011David Everington Ivor Salter John Casewell
2010Jamie Hopkins Keith Tabner John Casewell 

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