Shropshire Chess EGM – Covid Protocols

By Matthew Clark, SCA President

Dear Shropshire Chess Officials, Secretaries and senior players.

I invite all Shropshire Chess members to attend an Emergency General Meeting via Zoom on Wednesday 6thOctober at 7.30 p.m. Please could club secretaries inform their members about this meeting.

The Purpose of this meeting is to debate the attached protocols to reduce our risk against Covid 19. I have drafted these protocols following our meeting on Wednesday 22nd September. The minutes of this meeting are available on the Shropshire website. These protocols are designed to be consistent with the MCCU Covid Precautions and the ECF and government guidelines.

Please do contact me and Tony Preece in advance if you wish to submit amendments. There may also be a possibility to suggest amendments during the meeting.

Here is the Zoom invitation.

Matthew Clark is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Shropshire Chess EGM

Time: Oct 6, 2021 07:30 PM London

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Meeting ID: 844 1332 7116

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Yours sincerely,

Matthew Clark,

Shropshire Chess President.

Shropshire Chess Association. Covid Protocols Policy.

1) We strongly recommend that all players should be double-vaccinated.

2) We recommend that players should take a Lateral Flow test within 24 hours of a match. 

3) Hand sanitiser should be provided for all players.

4) Rooms should be ventilated as much as possible.

5) There should be as much distance as possible between playing tables.

6) Any player playing a match in the Shropshire League must wear a mask, unless their opponent agrees to play without masks. Rule 13 (playing order) is suspended for one season to allow those wishing to play in masks to pair with each other and those wishing to play without to also pair. If after teams are paired against each other, one team has one or more players wishing to wear masks and the other team doesn’t, masks must be worn by both players. If a player doesn’t wear a mask without the consent of their opponent their board will be defaulted. Players with specific medical exemptions are exempt from this rule, but captains should inform their opposite number of any players who are exempt.

MCCU Covid-19 precautions

22. a. It is the policy of the MCCU that appropriate face coverings (masks or visors) must be worn during MCCU county matches, unless a player has a medical exemption; captains should inform their opposite number of any players who are exempt.

b. Temperature checks are not required

c. It is a recommendation of the MCCU that all players eligible for vaccination should be double-vaccinated and had a booster jab. The MCCU will not seek confirmation of vaccination status. Players who do not want to play an unvaccinated opponent should take this into account in deciding whether to play for their county.

d. Hand sanitizers must be readily available at each venue; there will be no handshakes;

e. Home counties (or both counties in a neutral venue) should use their best endeavours to space tables well apart to support social distancing. Venues, where possible, should be well ventilated.

f. If any player exhibits symptoms or has a positive test result up to 10 days prior to a match, they must not attend the match. Non-compliance will lead to the relevant board being defaulted.

g. All players must agree that if they develop symptoms or test positive within 7 days after participating in a match, the captains of both teams should be notified immediately, to enable them to notify all participants. The anonymity of any player testing positive must be protected.

h. All players must be made aware that they are subject to, and must familiarise themselves with, HMG guidance