Minutes of 19 December SCA Council meeting

Shropshire Chess EGM – Sunday 19th December 2021 7.00pm – Zoom Meeting

Present: Matthew Clark, Tony Preece, Dennis Bonner, Munroe Morrison, Chris Lewis,  Nick Holmes, Toby Neal, Geoff Taylor, Adrian Zdanowski, Richard Thompson

Apologies: Mark Smith

Agenda: To assess the current Covid situation due to the high increase in cases since the emergence of the Omicron variant.

Representatives from various Shropshire chess clubs were asked to share their club’s opinion regarding whether OTB chess matches should be suspended. 

An initial proposal to suspend activities until 3rd January was changed to a suspension until further notice. This would apply to both team and individual matches. A vote was taken and the proposal was accepted 8-1.

Thanks were made to Adrian for all his hard work behind the scenes as League Controller particularly in the current circumstances with the constantly changing Covid situation.

Matthew asked for proposals to be put forward regarding the potential impact of the OTB suspension on online chess as this was beyond the remit of this meeting.

Tony Preece, SCA General Secretary