Telepost edge above Newport

As Shropshire’s online chess league moves towards its crucial last stages Telepost A have moved to the top of the table after a convincing win in the Shrewsbury derby game. Telepost, who play at Abbey Foregate in normal times, beat an outgunned Shrewsbury A 3.5-0.5 and are now a point ahead of Newport A, who realistically are the only rivals for the championship.

With plenty of games still to go until the end of the season, which unlike the normal over-the-board league is running into May, it’s going to be a nailbiting run-in over the final fixtures.

In Division Two, unbeaten Newport B are maintaining the gap at the top and are hot favourites to win the division, with Wellington A three points behind and being the main threat. Unless there is a disastrous loss of form by Newport the battle looks to be one for the runners-up promotion spot.

Division OneTelepost A 3.5, Shrewsbury A 0.5: N Paul1, T Eales 0; P Zabrocki 1, F Best 0; R Archer 1, M Best 0; M Nightall 0.5, J Wilkinson 0.5.
Division TwoShrewsbury B 0.5, Newport B 2.5: M Smith 0, C Lewis 1; D Lockett 0.5, D Hilditch-Love 0.5; J Birch 0, P Love 1.
Telford A 2.5, Telepost C 0.5: J Pico Ruiz 0.5, R Nield 0.5; G Kolbusz 1, N Holmes 0; T Skidmore 1, D Bonner 0.
Wellington A 3, Telepost B 0: A Grillage 1, S Rooney 0; T Neal 1, K Walker 0; M Podlesak 1, J Westhead 0.