Shrewsbury stay top after in-house derbies

Shrewsbury C won their in-house derby match to maintain their two point lead in Division Three of Shropshire chess league, with county town rivals Telepost D in second spot. However Shrewsbury D did have one bright spot against their clubmates, with Tony Purser checkmating a significantly stronger opponent in Daniel Lockett on top board.

And it was a similar story when Telepost E faced their colleagues from the club’s D team, where Nick Holmes on top board was the sole winner for the E team, his victim being Shane Sweeney, although in this case Sweeney has a lower rapidplay rating than Holmes so it was perhaps less of a shock result.

After three rounds of the minor individual championship Richard Thompson is clear leader after three straight wins, with Andrew Pritchard and Dennis Bonner half a point behind.

Division ThreeTelepost E 1, Telepost D 2: N Holmes 1, S Sweeney 0; M Ayres 0, J Holyhead 1; M Randell 0, J Casewell 1.
Newport C 2, Oswestry C 1: A Jones 1, K Grice 0; W Gormley 1, S Tulett 0; M Price 0, J Smith 1.
Shrewsbury D 1, Shrewsbury C 2: A Purser 1, D Lockett 0; A Pritchard 0, J Wilkinson 1; R Nayman
0, I Salter 1.