Shrewsbury Town Championship - Summer 2010

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Thank you to everyone who has taken part for making this tournament such a resounding success. It seems appropriate that the title Shrewsbury Town Champion 2010 should eventually go to the only competitor who has played over the years for both of the two host clubs. However I feel that we are all winners for producing so many fascinating games despite the distractions of holidays and summer nights!

Final Result
1. Jamie Hopkins - 4.5
2. Nigel Ferrington - 4.5
3. David Everington - 4.0
Under 140
1. Keith Tabner - 3.5
2. Matthew Clark - 3.0
Under 100
John Casewell - 2.5

This is a five round Swiss tournament for the titles Shrewsbury Town Champion (overall winner) and Shrewsbury Town U140 Champion (highest score by a player graded under 140).
The tournament is open to any player but every match must be played in the town either at Telepost Chess Club or at Shrewsbury Chess Club.
All games will be played under league rules (95 minutes each on the clock to complete all moves) and will be submitted for grading.
The tournament will run from May 2010 until September 2010.
I will publish each round on the internet and by e-mail.
Players must agree date and venue with their opponent the player with white will be regarded as the home player. Please pay entry fee of £2-00 in due course to the club treasurer at either of the two host chess clubs.
This inaugural tournament is intended to enliven the summer chess scene in the town by giving players of whatever standard an opportunity to play five competitive games and sample the hospitality afforded to their guests by the town's chess clubs.
Club nights are :-
Tuesday = Telepost Chess Club *** Friday = Shrewsbury Chess Club
(As a last resort it is usually possible to play at Telepost Club on other evenings
- but if so please ring the clubhouse 01743 248205 beforehand )

Here is the Round 5 draw.
This is the final round for completion during September if possible. Please don't forget to email your result to me. Should there be a tie then the sum of progressive scores will decide places.
Good luck and enjoy. - Keith Tabner

Round 5
White   Black  
Jamie Hopkins 3.5 1 David Everington 4 0
John Bashall 3 0 Nigel Ferrington 3.5 1
Phillip Zabrocki 2+ 0.5 Keith Tabner 3 0.5
Richard Bryant 2.5 1 Steve Rooney 1.5+ 0
Peter Kitchen 2 1 Francis Best 2.5 0
John Westhead 2   Daniel Lockett 2+  
Ivor Salter 2 0.5 Charles Micallef 2 0.5
Shane Sweeney 2 0 Matthew Clark 2 1
Richard House-Goodwin 0+ 0 John Casewell 1.5 1
Maisy Pugh 0+ 1 Adriano Pasi 1+ 0
Francis Rooney 1   Vinnie Crean 0.5  
Matthew Best 0.5 1 Bye 0

Round 4
White   Black  
David Everington 3 1 Richard Bryant 2.5 0
Jamie Hopkins 2.5 1 Francis Best 2.5 0
Nigel Ferrington 2.5 1 Peter Kitchen 2 0
Keith Tabner 2 1 Ivor Salter 2 0
Charles Micallef 2 0 John Bashall 2 1
Daniel Lockett 2   Phillip Zabrocki 2  
Steve Rooney 1.5   Adriano Pasi 1  
Richard House-Goodwin 0+ 0 John Westhead 1 1
Matthew Clark 1 1 Maisy Pugh 0+ 0
Matthew Best 0.5 0 Shane Sweeney 1 1
John Casewell 0.5 1 Vinnie Crean 0.5 0
Francis Rooney 0 1 Bye 0

Round 3
White   Black  
Richard Bryant 2 0.5 Jamie Hopkins 2 0.5
John Bashall 2 0 David Everington 2 1
Francis Best 1.5 1 Steve Rooney 1.5 0
Vinnie Crean 0.5 0 Nigel Ferrington 1.5 1
Peter Kitchen 1 1 Matthew Clark 1 0
Maisy Pugh 0+ 0 Keith Tabner 1 1
John Westhead 1 0 Charles Micallef 1 1
Phillip Zabrocki 1 1 Richard House-Goodwin 0+ 0
Adriano Pasi 1 0 Daniel Lockett 1 1
Ivor Salter 1 1 Francis Rooney 0 0
John Casewell 0 0.5 Matthew Best 0 0.5
Shane Sweeney 0 1 Bye 0

Round 2
White   Black  
Nigel Ferrington 1 0.5 Francis Best 1 0.5
Steve Rooney 0.5 1 Default 0
Jamie Hopkins 1 1 John Westhead 1 0
Keith Tabner 1 0 Richard Bryant 1 1
David Everington 1 1 Adriano Pasi 1 0
John Bashall 1 1 Peter Kitchen 1 0
Francis Rooney 0 0 Phillip Zabrocki 0 1
Daniel Lockett 0 1 Vinnie Crean 0.5 0
Matthew Best 0 0 Ivor Salter 0 1
Matthew Clark 0 1 John Casewell 0 0
Richard House-Goodwin 0   Maisy Pugh 0  
Charles Micallef 0 1 Shane Sweeney 0 0

Trevor Brotherton has withdrawn from the tournament.

Round 1
White   Black  
Phillip Zabrocki 0 Nigel Ferrington 1
Trevor Brotherton 1 Daniel Lockett 0
Ivor Salter 0 Jamie Hopkins 1
Richard Bryant 1 Matthew Clark 0
Maisy Pugh 0 David Everington 1
Peter Kitchen 1 Charles Micallef 0
Vinnie Crean 0.5 Steve Rooney 0.5
Francis Best 1 Francis Rooney 0
John Casewell 0 Keith Tabner 1
John Westhead 1 Matthew Best 0
Shane Sweeney 0 John Bashall 1
Adriano Pasi 1 Richard House-Goodwin 0

Your comments
Hi Keith, - I lost my game against Nigel - one of those where the position looked very innocuous in a quiet middlegame... then suddenly after a little probing from a pesky knight I couldn't defend my kingside. Ruthlessly efficient from Nigel, a learning experience for me. Peter Kitchen 01/09/2010

Keith - I managed two shameful swindles to beat Richard Bryant in round 4 tonight. He first lost his Q for 2B and 2p and probably still had a winning position: then he gifted me a cheapo to get his rook and I still had to work at it so as not to lose on time. As Edward Lasker once wrote: "the equalising injustice of chess......"
David Everington 10/08/2010

I was extremely fortunate to beat Matthew Clark in our game last night - Matthew completely outplayed me for most of the game and was a solid exchange up when the queens came off. Fortunately for me I had a passed a-pawn and a couple of minor pieces which caused enough of a nuisance to break through. Matthew played very well and deserved a lot more. Peter Kitchen 21/07/2010

Q - .My opponent was unwell on the day we were due to play our match and phoned to postpone. Can I now claim the game?
A.- That's unfortunate. Clearly you both wish to play the match - otherwise you wouldn't have entered the event in the first place. Fortunately the event runs until September so there is plenty of time to agree a new date.
I don't propose to make any rulings on unplayed games until mid Sept when the majority of results are known. Keith Tabner 22/05/2010

Hi Keith - Steve should have beaten me after about 4 moves - but somehow I got out of it and eventually with two doubled sets of pawns I ground out a draw - .Vinny Crean 25/05/2010

Hi Keith -I won my game against Charles Micallef last night. In a Sicilian Dragon I was two pawns up after 19 moves but he fought back and got strong counterplay on the kingside. I was perhaps fortunate Charles swapped off the last pair of rooks to enter a lost king and pawn endgame with a rook each I was better but I would still have had a lot to do to win. As it was I won in just over 40 moves.
He told me afterwards how he had got results against both Richard Bryant and yourself in Telepost's club championship. Judging by David Everington's comments about his round one game with Maisy Pugh, it's clear there are a lot of players in Telepost's C team who are improving rapidly and are very difficult to beat.
I've got a tough one as black against John Bashall next I've played him twice before, both as black, losing once and drawing once.
Richard Bryant's win in your club championship last night looked very impressive too.- Peter Kitchen 12/05/2010

Hi Keith - I managed to beat Shane by the narrowest of margins when down to my last 10 seconds and Shane having 3/4 of an hour remaining. There's only an 85 point grading difference between us! - John Bashall 06/05/2010

Keith - I won against Maisy Pugh tonight. Quite a tense game - She probably got the better of the opening and seems quite a bit better than her estimated grade! - David Everington 04/05/2010

Hi Keith - Well done for organizing the Town Championship. It looks like you have a good number now. If you need anything else, just let me know, and thanks again for your efforts in starting this new initiative. - Francis Best 17/04/2010