Statement of the Shropshire Chess Association

A written complaint was made to the Shropshire President that a Shropshire player had been using electronic assistance during the 20/21 Season.

The President called a Special Committee, which investigated this complaint and then referred the matter to LiChess. LiChess carried out their own investigation before suspending the relevant account. The player then appealed this decision, but the appeal was rejected by the Shropshire Appeals Committee.

The player has been suspended from online Chess for the rest of the season and all games played by the player will be scored as losses.

The Shropshire Chess Association reminds all players that use of electronic assistance in any online competitive match is unacceptable and that strong measures are in place to deter such a breach of the rules. The rules will be rigorously applied in the event of any further incidents.

Matthew Clark,

President of the Shropshire Chess Association.