Our Volunteers

Christopher Lewis

Chris has played chess for over 20 years starting when he was 10 years old at Dothill Junior Chess Club. He is the County Junior Organiser and captain of Newport A in the Shropshire league. Chris is an accountant and tax expert at The Wrekin Housing Group.

Francis Best

Francis is a former president of the Shropshire Chess Association, the former county junior organizer and the current captain of Shrewsbury A. A veteran of Shropshire Chess he has defeated most of the stronger Shropshire players over the years. Francis is recently retired as the director of financial services at The Wrekin Housing Group.

Dan Hilditch-Love

Dan is one of the top players at Telepost Chess Club and works as a statistician for the department of levelling up.

Matt Clark

Matt is the current Shropshire president and captain of Telepost A. Matt is a classics teacher at Shrewsbury School.