Risk Assessments


Shropshire Junior Chess Club works with children as part of its activities. The purpose of these procedures is to:

  • protect children and young persons in our care by identifying and mitigating risks
  • inform our volunteers of the potential risks children under our supervision may face and what actions we expect our volunteers to take to mitigate those risks
  • explain our approach to risk to both children and their parents

We recognize that we cannot and should not try to create a completely risk-free environment, as this would prevent us from being able to carry out any meaningful work with children and young people and would not be in their best interests; our emphasis is therefore on preventing serious or avoidable incidents and on managing risk appropriately.

Assessment of Risks
The following risks have been identified as having the potential to cause physical harm to children in our care.

Each risk has been allocated a likelihood.

1.            Unlikely

2 .           Occasional

3.            Frequent

The severity of each risk has also been given a colour symbol:

Our aim is to minimise risks of minor injuries whilst all but eliminating risks of moderate or severe injury.

Risk Register