Adult to Child Supervision Ratio

Purpose of this policy

Shropshire Junior Chess Club works with children as part of its activities. The purpose of this policy statement is:

  • to explain our approach to adult to child supervision ratios
  • to make volunteers aware of their supervision responsibilities

Determining our ratio

We recognise that required supervision levels will vary depending on the children’s age, gender, behaviour and the abilities within the group. They will also vary depending on the competence and experience of our volunteers.

As chess is a non-physical activity we believe the adult to child ratio can be lower than for other activities. We also believe the venue offers a safe and secure environment and that parents will be close by.

We anticipate our children will cover a varied age range. NSPCC guidance recommends a higher ratio when dealing with younger children.

Our Ratio

Taking all of the above into account we will only run the club when we have a minimum of the higher of:

  • 3 adults
  • 1 adult for every 8 children

Toilet Breaks

The toilets in the venue are outside the immediate playing area. One volunteer will supervise the entrance to the immediate playing area at all times counting that child out and back in again. For younger children that volunteer may supervise the toilet break.

First aid ratios

We will try to ensure a volunteer trained in first aid is always present.

Travelling Ratios

There may be occasions when our club travels together to external events. We will ensure in any vehicle there is one adult driving and one adult supervising the children.