Gallery – Shropshire Chess Congress 2023

Open and Intermediate Sections

Major and Minor Sections

The analysis area was really quite something

Once again we rolled out the Live Boards. For the first time these weren’t exclusively for the open but the top 2 boards in every section.

We did intend to run 9 live boards but come the day we were short a rook. It turned up in Lidl the next day!

The Live Boards were only possible thanks to the marvelous efforts of our Live Board Technicians plus the ICT provided by Wrekin Housing Group

During Technical Difficulties Dexter made an appearance

As always the food was superb and so a huge thank you to Wrekin’s catering staff for working over the weekend.

Howard from Chess Essentials put on a spectacular book stall

Medals were available for juniors scoring 2.5 points or more

2 experienced Shropshire players deep in thought playing next to former Shropshire player IM John Cox

Big big congratulations to Sam Hollands (Telepost) for winning the minor section in his first ever standardplay chess tournament