Shropshire Minor Individual 2023/24

Round 2
Richard ThompsonShane Greenwood
Stefan TennantNick Holmes
Colin ParkerKrish Thimmegowda (J)
Joe Cotterill (J)Dennis Bonner
George ViszokaiArchie Flavell (J)
Charlie Bethune (J)Henry Hrubis
Malcolm PriceDave Lovegrove
John CasewellHenry Heys (J)
Rudi Bedford (J)Richard Vernon
Martin AyresSteve Szwajkun
Please aim to play your match by 22nd December
Round 1
Shane Greenwood1-0Malcolm Price
Henry Heys (J)0-1Stefan Tennant
Krish Thimmegowda (J)1-0John Casewell*
Steve Szwajkun0-1Richard Thompson
Nick Holmes1-0Rudi Bedford (J)
Richard Vernon0-1Colin Parker
Dennis Bonner1-0Martin Ayres
Henry Hrubis1-0George Viszokai
Dave Lovegrove0.5-0.5Joe Cotterill (J)
Archie Flavell (J)1-0Charlie Bethune (J)

* In accordance with Rule 13 of the Shropshire league rules, players marked with an asterisk can choose to play all games online

Players marked (J) can choose play all games at their home venue