(Version 4; Amended after the Annual General Meeting : 28/06/06)

1. This organisation shall be called ‘The Shropshire Chess Association’.
2. The overall aim of the Association shall be :
2.1 to promote chess in Shropshire.
3. The specific aims of the Association shall be :
3.1 to organise League, Team Knock-Out and Individual Championship competitions restricted to members of the Association,
3.2 to organise competitions, such as the Annual Congress, which are open to players from outside the County,
3.3 to participate in inter-County competitions run under the auspices of the MCCU and the ECF, etc.,
3.4 to fulfil its obligations as a member of the MCCU and the ECF,
3.5 to encourage and develop junior chess in Shropshire,
3.6 to coordinate activities via the Council and its officers,
3.7 to maintain and administer the League rules.
4.The Association shall consist of :
4.1 Chess Clubs, in accordance with Appendix A,
4.2 Players who are members of Shropshire’s Chess Clubs,
4.3 Elected holders of the Offices listed at Appendix B,
4.4 Patrons?
4.5 Life Members?
4.6 Direct Members?
5. An Annual General Meeting shall :
5.1 take place as soon as practical after the end of the league season, with the General Secretary having prepared the agenda and notified the Officers and Club Secretaries of the venue and date a month beforehand,
5.2 be open only to Association members, with each person attending being able to discuss and vote. The right to vote will be denied to any member whose club has not paid its League fees for the previous season,
5.3 be chaired by the President, who will have a casting vote only. If the President is unable or unwilling to take the chair the meeting shall elect its own chairman,
5.4 consider reports from the Association’s Officers,
5.5 award trophies for the year’s completed competitions,
5.6 consider the audited accounts,
5.7 nominate and elect Officers for the coming year,
5.8 allow discussion of issues both on the agenda and raised as ‘Any other Business’,
5.9 allow debate and voting on proposed League Rule amendments submitted via the Rules and Disputes Committee. No other proposed League Rule amendments can be discussed. Amendments to the submitted proposals may be accepted on the night for discussion and voting, at the Chairman’s discretion,
5.10 allow debate and voting on proposed amendments to the rules for the Summer Knock-out competitions and the County Individual Championship,
5.11 submit proposed Constitutional amendments to the Constitution Committee and ratify (or otherwise) the proposed amendments arising from that Committee,
5.12 have the power to suspend or expel any club or player from the Association or to remove any incumbent from office. Such suspensions, expulsions and removals shall require a 3/4 majority in a vote by Association members in attendance. No resolution for expulsion etc shall be voted on unless its subject has been invited to attend the meeting and been given written notice of the resolution and its associated reasons. Proxy voting shall not be permitted under any part of this paragraph,
5.13 agree the proposed team fee for the coming season,
5.14 be minuted, with the minutes distributed only to Officers and Club Secretaries within 30 days.

6. A Council, consisting only of the County Officers and the Secretaries of the Clubs, (or their proxies; see section 9), shall:
6.1 meet annually in September  (additionally if necessary), with the General Secretary having prepared the agenda and notified the Officers and Club Secretaries of the date and venue one month beforehand,
6.2 require a quorum of 8 members of the Council present in person or by proxy. Any other Association members present (e.g. to receive prizes) will be able neither to enter into discussion nor to vote. The right to vote will be denied to any Secretary whose club has not paid its League fees for the previous season, but will not be withdrawn from Association officials who are members of any such club,
6.3 be chaired by the President, who will have a casting vote only. If the President is unable or unwilling so to act the meeting shall elect its own chairman,
6.4 govern and manage the Association, directly and through the appointed officers,
6.5 create such committees as may be necessary and appoint members to them,
6.6 consider the league fixtures drawn up for the coming season,
6.7 take note of the County Calendar for the coming season,
6.8 debate (and resolve) matters referred to it by the AGM, a committee or any officer or club secretary,
6.9 appoint officers to any posts still vacant after the preceding AGM, with such officers holding office until the next year’s AGM,
6.10 consider any reports from the Association’s Officers,
6.11 award the Minor Trophy and any trophies not awarded at the AGM,
6.12 implement Association Rules,
6.13 decide on the admission of new clubs to the Association, and address any issues arising from withdrawal,
6.14 appoint Honorary Life Vice-Presidents and Honorary Life Members,
6.15 appoint patrons, whose influence may advance the aims of the Association,
6.16 be minuted, with the minutes distributed only to officers and club secretaries within 30 days.

7.Standing Committees.
7.1 Rules & Disputes Committee
a). The composition of the Rules & Disputes Committee is defined in the Association’s League Rules,
b). The Committee’s decision on disputes is final,
c). Proposed rule amendments must be submitted to the Committee at least one month before the AGM, for consideration and inclusion on the AGM agenda.
7.2 Constitution Committee
a. The Constitution Committee shall consist of the President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer (any others?) and shall meet as necessary, for example in response to amendment requests from the AGM or the Council Meeting,
b. The text of any alteration or addition proposed by the Committee shall be attached to the agenda distributed for the following AGM,
c. At that meeting the Chairman shall have the power to accept modifications which are consistent with the general intent of the original proposal,
d. Amendments to the Constitution will require a vote in favour of two thirds of those present in person or voting by proxy.
8. Financial Year.
8.1 The financial period of the Association shall be the 12 months beginning on 1stJune each year, or such other period as the SCA shall from time to time determine.In this Constitution and its Appendices, the expression “Year” shall mean the financial period of the Association unless the context requires otherwise.
 9. Appointment of Proxies.
9.1 Any Council member, other than the President, shall be entitled to appoint a Proxy to represent him/her at the Council meeting, if unable to attend.
9.2 Such proxy appointment shall be in the following form and shall be delivered to the President at or before the start of the meeting :
“I, ……………………, holding the office(s) of …………………….. or being the Secretary of …………………………. Chess Club, hereby appoint ………………….. as my proxy to attend and vote on my behalf at the Council meeting to be held on the …………. day of 19… (Signed and dated).”
9.3 The President shall be at liberty to accept written proxies which vary from the preceding format. Unwritten proxies will not be accepted.

Appendix A.
Chess Clubs belonging to the Association

A.1 Member clubs must be based within Shropshire and adhere to the Association’s Constitution and League Rules.
A.2 League fees are payable, amounting to such figure as is agreed at the AGM, and must be paid by the following 31st December. Late payment will attract a surcharge, the amount of which will be agreed at the AGM. (See also paragraphs 5.2 and 6.2).
Non-payment may ultimately lead to expulsion from the Association.
A.3 All club members may attend the AGM (see Section 5).
A.4 All club secretaries may attend both the AGM and the Council meeting (See Section 6).
A.5 A list of current member clubs (and Secretaries) is maintained by the General Secretary and distributed by that officer to the club secretaries and the Association officials.