Shropshire Chess Congress 2019

Many thanks to everyone who took part in this year's congress which was once again an exciting weekend of great chess. We took time at the beginning of the event to note the sad recent death of Jeff Cox who founded the congress in the 1970s and who made a huge contribution to chess in the county. We were also extremely touched and gratified by the kind donation from the family of Shropshire chess stalwart Colin Roberts who was also part of the organising team for the congress in past years.

The 2019 winners list is as follows and our hearty congratulations to all of them:

1st Ameet Ghasi IM 4.5/5
2nd Tomasz Sygnowski 4/5
3rd = David Berczes GM, Ryzard Maciol 3.5/5
Grading prize Ieysaa Bin-Suhayl, Nathanael Paul, Phillip Zabrocki 3/5
Top Shropshire player in Open - Nigel Ferrington, Nathanael Paul, Phillip Zabrocki 3/5

1st Graham Ashcroft 4.5/5
2nd Finlay Bowcott-Terry 4/5
3rd= Dustin Bowcott, Matthew Clark, Robert Dean, Ian Emery, Sam Gibbs, Ed Goodwin, David Gostelow, Anita Somton 3.5/5
Grading prize Robert Dean, Ed Goodwin, Dustin Bowcott 3.5/5

1st Gary White 5/5
2nd Graham Shepherd, Dimitar Kirachen 4/5
Grading prize Julian Hawthorne, Dimitar Kirachen

1st Jeff Wilson 4.5/5
2nd Khalid Khan, 4/5
3rd= Ansh Agrawal, Silas Bowcott-Terry, Ben Newnham 3.5/5

Top Junior in congress
Ansh Agrawal, Silas Bowcott-Terry, Ben Newnham, Anita Somton 3.5/5

See you again next year!

Francis Best and Steve Rooney