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Summary of rule changes AGM2017  

Rule 8- A player can play for TWO clubs subject to grading restrictions

If a team in the second or third division uses a player who normally plays for another Shropshire club in a higher division during that season, then it is permitted only on condition that the player has a current summer grade of below 125 for Div 2 and below 105 for Div 3


Rule 9d Where a player is used more than three times for a higher team, then (unless sub-paragraphs a, b or c apply) he / she becomes a member of the senior team on the fourth occasion for the remainder of the season.


Rule 5 Nominated players must play for their team at least three times in a season or the nominated player MUST change to one that does.


Rules 24 to 28 change to match point penalty


Rule 3 The League Controller has discretion (after due consultation) to specify the number of times each team shall play each other team in a division.  In the absence of specification to the contrary, each team shall play each team twice (once home, once away). - only likely to come in to operation if team numbers in division change


Summary of full AGM minutes will follow shortly - rules have been updated

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The county AGM for 2017

will be on 4th July 2017

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