Maddocks make a mark

Maddocks A have set down a marker in Shropshire Chess League with a 3-2 victory over once-invincible Newport. The win has taken the Oakengates-based club into a pre-Christmas lead of Division One in a season which is shaping up to be one of the most closely fought for a while, with the title contenders more evenly matched than in previous seasons thanks to a redistribution of some strong players during the long Covid lay off.

The team has benefitted from the addition of power units from the moribund Wellington chess club, in the form of Athar Ansari – who chalked up wins for both Maddocks A and Maddocks B within a couple of days – and Andy Grillage.

Maddocks’ B team are also looking strong in Division Two where they beat Telford A.


Division One
Newport A 2, Maddocks A 3: N Rutter 0, A Ansari 1; C Lewis, 0, A Zdanowski 1; S Ross 1, A Grillage 0; D Hilditch-Love 0, G Pugh 1; T Holmes 1, S Tarr 0.

Division Two
Maddocks B 4.5, Telford A 0.5: A Ansari 1, T Neal 0; T Preece 0.5, R Szwajkun 0.5; G White 1, R Brown 0; S Tarr 1, S Tennant 0; M Billington 1, S Szwajkun 0.

Division Three
Telford B 2.5, Maddocks C 1.5: S Tennant 0.5, M Billington 0.5; R Thompson 1, G Viszokai 0; T Skidmore 1, I Jamieson 0; R Benten 0, J Hill 1.