Team Quickplay – Sunday 3rd October

A one-day league followed by a semi final and final. The Summer quickplay trophy will be awarded to the winning team.

Date/Start Time: Sunday 3rd October, 10am start
Location: Limes hotel, Wellington

1. Teams will consist of 4 players. Maximum of 6 teams in the competition.

2. Time control: 15minutes + 5 second increment

3. Players can only play for 1 team in the competition. Players may play for clubs other than their own and 2 clubs may merge for the competition.

4. Players may be fielded from outside the county

5. Teams can play substitutes from their club ranks during the

6. The initial league will consist of 6 rounds.

8.  The top 4 teams will progress to the knockout stages. ‘Goal difference’ will be used to separate
teams on equal points, followed by match point totals from the matches played between the teams
that are tied. If teams are still tied a 5minute play-off match will be held.

9. In the semi final and final, if the match result is a draw, the team that placed highest in the league
table will be declared the winner.


Round 1 – 10.00
Round 2 – 10.45
Round 3 – 11.30
Round 4 – 14.00
Round 5 – 14.45
Round 6 – 15.30

Semi Finals 16.30
Final 17.15
Trophy Presentation approx 18.00

To register please contact the organizer: Athar Ansari // 07808 698404