Minutes of Zoom Meeting on establishing ground rules for grants

Zoom Meeting between the President, General Secretary and Treasurer of Shropshire Chess.


Present: Matthew Clark, Tony Preece, Chris Lewis.

Topic of Meeting. Establishing ground rules for grants from the Association to Schools and Clubs.

1) All three officers recognised and welcomed the recent growth of the popularity of  Chess within Shropshire and thought that there was an opportunity to take advantage of this. Chris, as junior organiser, has recently become aware of several schools who are currently looking to set up clubs for the first time and already been approached by one.

2) We currently have around £5,000 in the association accounts. We agreed in principle to spend approximately £1,000 of this to support schools and junior Chess clubs within Shropshire. This is to fulfil our aim of the Association to promote Chess in Shropshire.

3) Grants should be made to the Treasurer/Junior Organiser. They will then need to be approved unanimously by the President, General Secretary and Treasurer.

4) Grants will be between £100 and £200 per school/club. We will ask schools to contribute matching funding when possible.

5) Chris agreed to research the possibilities for buying equipment in bulk. One plan might be to purchase £1,000 worth of equipment (sets and clocks) for the association. We would then sell this equipment to schools/clubs at half of the purchase price.

6) We propose that the President, General Secretary and Treasurer should be trustees of the new Shropshire Chess Association Charity. We will then ask for each of the other Shropshire Chess Clubs to nominate a trustee. 

Matthew Clark, Tony Preece, Chris Lewis.