August 2022 ratings

The Shropshire August 2022 rating to be used for the 2022/23 season are now available.

Standard ratings here.

Rapidplay ratings here.

Captains please note the change to the league rules regarding ratings, highlighted in bold below, that was agreed at this year’s AGM:

13. Players must be arranged in order of playing strength except that players whose rating differs by no more than 75 points shall be regarded as interchangeable for the purposes of this rule. To determine whether 2 players are interchangeable the captain can use either the Autumn rating list as published on the Shropshire rating website, or they can use the latest rating list published on the ECF rating database as at the date of the match. When establishing board order the captain must use the same rating list for their entire team. The grading officer shall publish the August rating list on the website each year. Penalties for breaches of this rule are specified at rule 26. Unrated players – if they have past history, the last known rating is to be used provisionally. If not, the player has the maximum flexibility subject to league controller’s approval and a provisional rating will not be given if the last historic rating is older than five years.

The full league rules are here.