4NCL Report March 2023

By Charles Higgie

Shropshire & Friends 4NCL chess team hit top form last weekend (March 18 and 19) in Daventry. After a disappointing start of the season which saw them with a record of played six, lost five and drawn one, on Saturday they chalked up their first win in style, beating Milton Keynes Phoenix 2. Board 1 Andy Grillage was the first to finish, with a quick win. After three and half hours of play and 49 moves captain Charles Higgie drew on 2, closely followed by wins 5 and 6 by Richard Bryant and Adrian Bailey respectively. Bob Taylor drew on 3. On 4 Glyn Pugh played an interesting exchange sacrifice which eventually led to a queen v two rooks ending which Glyn converted easily to round off a 5-1 win. Full result:

MK Phoenix 21698 Shropshire & Friends1853
351wValentine, Brian J19170 – 1Grillage, Andrew1958 c
352bWhiteside, Robert1813½ – ½Higgie, Charles L1915 e
353wObi, Okwose Marc1744½ – ½Taylor, Robert K1909
354bShaw, John S16640 – 1Pugh, Glyn D1845 e
355wPage, Michael1499 c0 – 1Bryant, Richard B E1837
356bCox, Lucian1551 e0 – 1Bailey, Adrian1654

On Sunday they faced stronger opponents in Barnet Knight B. Glyn Pugh again had an interesting, wild game and won easily. By contrast Charles Higgie had a smooth positional win, straddling his opponent with weak isolated pawns, winning a pawn, and heading into a queen and pawn ending which Charles won with a brave King march up the board. Adrian Bailey held a draw on 6 before Richard Bryant sealed the win a knight up in a pawn ending on 5. Bob Taylor drew on three and Andrew lost on 1 against his highly rated opponent. Full result:

Shropshire & Friends1853 Barnet Knights B2008
361wGrillage, Andrew1958 c0 – 1Sanitt, Ethan2096 e
362bHiggie, Charles L1915 e1 – 0Badacsonyi, Stanley2143 e
363wTaylor, Robert K1909½ – ½Ethelontis, Alexandros N2022
364bPugh, Glyn D1845 e1 – 0Horan, George2004 e
365wBryant, Richard B E18371 – 0Sainbayar, Tserendorj*1952
366bBailey, Adrian1654½ – ½Hung, Jake*1834 e