The Unity Cup 2014 
Sunday December 7th at the Royal British legion, Newport 


Please click here for the Unity Cup Results 2014


Organisers: Richard Clarke & Nathanael Paul 

Last year this event was a battle between different Shropshire clubs. However, after much deliberation Richard and I have decided to change the event into a match between the Shropshire and Staffordshire counties due to the lack of interest for an inter-Shropshire event. 

Event Outline 

Schedule of Events: 

Tea/Coffee Welcome Drink: 9.15 – 9:45 

Opening Ceremony: 9:45 

Coin Toss: 9:55 A coin toss between Team Captains will determine the colour for the entire team with the winning team playing with that colour for the first match. The following match the colours alternate so all players have one white and one black.  

Rd 1: 10:00-13:10 

Buffet Lunch 

Rd 2: 14:00-17:10 

Potential Rapidplay Play-off: 17:20 

Prize Giving: Will take place at 17:20 if there is no need for a Rapidplay play-off. If there is need prize giving will occur at 17:45. 

Event Details 

Entry Fee: £4 for adults and £2 for juniors U18. The entry fee will cover the costs for the Royal British Legion room, bar and buffet – bar will be open between 12:00-16:00 

Time Control:  95mins on each clock in accordance with the Shropshire League 

Number of Players per Team: TBA – dependent on level of interest 

Reserves: Each team will be allowed reserves, but must be from the clubs that encompass their respective team 

Team Captain: Nominated by the players of each respective team 

Arranging Teams: Each team captain must organise their teams and once finalised must email their team to Nathanael Paul as he needs to inform the Royal British Legion of numbers in regards to the catering arrangements. Contact details are below. 

Grade Limit: N/A – players of all strength are encouraged to take part in this exciting event 

Match Details 

In both matches all players will face two different opponents. For example, in match one Shropshire’s board 1 will play Staffordshire’s board 2. This will then be followed in match two with Shropshire’s board 1 facing Staffordshire’s board 1.  

Both games will be ECF rated. 

If both teams finish the day with one match win each the winner will then be decided on tie break. Whichever team has more individual game wins will win the overall match. 

If the resulting tiebreak is still a draw the match will be decided by a one-off 10min a side rapid match. The match will take place with the board order of board 1’s against each other etc. A coin toss between captains will decide the colour for board one. 

If the rapid match ends in a draw the bottom board elimination tiebreak will be used e.g. boards will be removed from the bottom of the team until there is a winner. If all games are drawn then the team with black on board one wins. 

Organiser Contact Details 

For any queries regarding the event please email Nathanael Paul at or phone 01952878739 


Richard Clarke at: