Shropshire Chess Association
Rules for Minor Knockout Team Cup Tournament


1. The competition will be held immediately following the completion of the league program.

2. Teams that played in Divisions 2 and 3 will compete in the Minor Knockout.

3. All matches will be played between teams of four players.
4. Players will be eligible to play for a team based on the following test:-
The tournaments will be deemed to be a continuation of the immediately preceding league season.
Only a player eligible to play for the team if this were an additional league fixture may play for that team.
Any ineligible player who plays without the express permission of the opposing captain and the tournament controller in advance will be regarded as a default.

5. Timetable
The date for each tie is the club night of the home team in the final week before the deadline. The captains may agree to play earlier, but if the fixture is not played by the designated date and the organisers have not been informed of a reason then both teams could be disqualified.

6. Fixtures published on the website will indicate home (h) and away (a). In round one the team named first in the draw will be the home team In round two and three the home team will be determined by the organisers and the captains informed.

7. All games will be played under league rules.

8. Captains will toss for choice of colours.

9. In the event of a 2-2 draw, then the lower boards will be progressively eliminated until a result is established.
If all four games are drawn then the team with black on odd boards will win.

10. Tournament Controller:-

Keith Tabner 01/05/2018