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Shropshire chess in the time of Coronavirus


4NCL Online

Shropshire have entered the new 4NCL online league. Each Team is comprised of 4 players and the time control is 45 minutes plus 15 second increment. Matches take place on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. There is no entry fee.

The full rules of the competition can be found  here .

You can follow the Shropshire Team here.

The Shropshire team meet on Teamspeak during their matches to make this both a social evening as well as a chess evening. Commentators and spectators are also very welcome. Every game played on Lichess can be spectated in real time/

If you are interested in playing for one of the Shropshire teams please contact me

Christopher Lewis - 21/04/2020

email :-

4NCL Online will be played on Lichess. Instructions for creating your account and initiating games of chess against the right opponent on Lichess can be found here:

Christopher Lewis - 29/03/2020

email :-

Saturday WMCA Blitz

You have all been invited to the WMCA weekly blitz arenas. These are held on Lichess and the link will be emailed out each week (or you can request an invite to the WMCA facebook group).

There are 2 closed tournaments. The open (3|2) usually attracts GM Keith Arkell among  other strong competitors . There is also an U1800 (5|2). Some Shropshire players will meet on teamspeak during the tournament.

The arena always starts at 2pm on Saturdays.

Shropshire Social Evenings

We invite you all to a weekly Shropshire Chess Online Social Evening. The first evening will start at 7.30pm on Monday 6th April and will be hosted on Teamspeak. The evenings will be a chance to play online chess against your rivals or to just chat with other players in Shropshire Chess.

- Christopher Lewis - 29/03/2020


A TeamSpeak3 server has been purchased for the use of all Shropshire Chess Players. All players and clubs are welcome to use it to keep in touch during this very strange period.

What is TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak allows audio communication between users on a chat channel. There is no video meaning the sound is crystal clear with lag-free performance making it superior to more mainstream chat programmes.

How much does it cost?

TeamSpeak is free for regular users.

How do I download?

TeamSpeak can be downloaded here:

How do I connect to the Shropshire Server?

Once the application is downloaded, open the app and click Connections - Connect

The Server address is . There is no password and you choose any nickname before clicking connect.

It is advisable to use TeamSpeak with a headset to prevent echo although anyone without a headset can listen and type.

Christopher Lewis - 29/03/2020