Shropshire Individual Championship 2020


A 7 round Swiss tournament starting in October 2019 and completing June 2020


Entry fee £10 payable to ‘Shropshire Chess Association’.


Time limits: All moves played in 85 minutes plus 10 seconds per move..


Players may agree alternative time controls, if both players agree.


Player with the black pieces shall choose the chess club venue (or at a player’s house if both agree).



Where players are tied for prizes, then the sum of progressive scores will be used to decide places.


Players should submit results to the controller.


A target date is set for each round, players should endeavour to play by this date, or notify the controller of any delays.



1st£50, 2nd £30

£25 each for U165, U150


Players can only win one prize.


Winner has the trophy for one year.



Nick Rutter

5 Downfields



TF10 8QH


Email address is  ( nickrutter777  @  btinternet . com )