Junior Chess in Shropshire

The Junior Chess Explosion!
In 2003 a total of 455 kids from 15 schools in Shropshire entered the world's biggest chess tournament, the UK Chess Challenge. - - - - WOW!

!!Shropshire currently has four junior international players!!
Simon Fowler, Thomas Pym, and Louis Graham all play for England whilst Ieuan Fenton plays for Wales.

Newport Juniors have their own team in the senior Shropshire Chess League.


Have Fun - - - Use Your Wits - - - Think Ahead - - - Make New Friends

Education Secretary Charles Clarke, a chess fanatic, wants to give the game a higher profile in schools to encourage the development of logic and problem-solving skills. Clarke believes that if all our children played chess we would be a smarter nation. "Chess is a mind game. It forces you to think. If you tried to prove the case that playing chess helps you with GCSE's, that would be difficult, but it forces thinking. Itís a game which does develop logic and strategy and Iím in favour of it for that reason. The more people who play chess the better."

The Times 1st October 2003


Play with your family or friends. - - Books can help - - so can a Computer

Join a Chess Club

Up to Age 11

Many of our Primary Schools run chess clubs for their own pupils.

Age 11 Upwards

At present only a few Secondary Schools and Colleges have chess clubs in house.

However most Shropshire Chess Association Clubs welcome juniors and are able to offer coaching and support.