Minutes of Council Meeting held 14th September 2005


Started at 19:45


16 Attendees :- Iain Wilson(IW), Colin Roberts(CR), Toby Neal(TN), Nick Rutter(NR), Martin Patterson(MP),  Keith Tabner(KT), John Casewell(JC), John Westhead(JW), Windsor Peck (WP), Gary White(GW), Glyn Pugh(GP), Derrick Powell(DP), David Williams(DW), Ian Davies(ID), Graham Shepherd(GS), Keith Grice(KG).


  1. Apologies for absence were given by Francis Best, Richard Thompson, Richard Tapley,
  2. A minute’ silence was held in memory of Neil Allen who died during the summer.
  3. Minutes of 2004 Council Meeting agreed. No matters arising.


  1. Officers reports
    1. CR – verbal report. - Leicester rapidplay 9th October looking for support.
    2. JC - verbal report – fixtures on website. Lost two teams Church Stretton B and Telepost D gained Newport C. With Vinnie going to New Zealand JC’s job will be harder this year but KT has volunteered to help where needed. JC suggested we consider starting the season later to allow for any new players, arising from the Darwin event, to join teams.   Coddon were seeking clarification of rule 8 as they have two teams in division 2 this season. CR Confirmed that they needed to register 4 players for their A & B teams and that any players not registered who’s grade was below 90 could play for either B or C team without restriction. Anyone who’s grade was 90 or above could play two games for the B team but would be tied on their third appearance.
    3. FB- written email – Little merit in moving banks as limited in what we could use but had moved surplus funds to Barclays latest deposit account. If we wanted to have a cup then for 100 we could have a small silver plated cup (90) or a larger Nickel plated cup (36) but members may want something nicer. KT said that at their AGM Telepost had discussed paying for the third division trophy if it could be named the “Neil Allen Cup”. It was suggested that FB could do further investigations with a new budget of 200. KT would approach Neil’s family to ensure this was in order. Requests for league fees would be out shortly and would remain at 45 per team if received by Christmas eve, otherwise 50. FB confessing to mislaying someone’s expense claim, Church Stretton did not think it was them. Anyone who had expenses outstanding was advising to contact FB. KT mentioned that Shrewsbury hadn’t had the Division 1 trophy engraved and consequently the order was wrong on the trophy.
    4. GP – nothing to report.
    5. NR – verbal report - grades were published in july some amendments in august.
    6. NR – verbal report - 7 round swiss 30 entries. 1st N Rutter 6, 2nd Jamie Hopkins 5, 3rd Thomas Pym 5, U140 W Peck 5, U120 R Simpson  ,U100 A Lewis 4. This years event will start on the 7TH October 10 entry forms available.
    7.  KG – verbal report – not so well attended but broke even due to some late entries. Tournament went well. NR won with 6/6. Next year event will be held at Froncysylte on the 30th October. Only room for 40 people therefore first come basis.
    8. DP – written report – Cox Trophy winners were Newport B trophy collected by Nick Rutter. Minor Knockout was won by Telepost C John Westhead collected the trophy. Derrick said he was ready to resign due to the problems of not having a computer. It was agreed that matchcards had to go to him and a note would be put on the web page where the match card is inputted to confirm this.
    9.  TN – nothing to report.
    10. JC – verbal report – thanks to KT,Alan Shaw and CR for help with this years event and to TN for publicity. This Saturday 17th the event would open with a 10 minute blitz tournament run by Alan Shaw from 10am–4pm. Monday – Friday the big board would be used as in previous years. On the 2nd Saturday there would be a team buzzer tournament. The event is advertised on the BCF website. Next year it was hoped that a top GM would play a simul. Event dates have been agreed as Saturday 23-30 inclusive.
    11. KT – verbal report – VC will be away for at least a year. We are looking for people to add to the existing team. Someone to do the U100 results? John needed a backup when he was on holiday unless we put up with a backlog when he is away. If Dates for the diary is considered a useful feature it needs to be accurate please let Keith know. Any clubs wanting to create their own site might like to join the team to get a feel for what’s involved.
    12. DG – email – Venue has been booked next stage is to confirm sponsors and then print entry form. S&T are holding the balance in their bank account but as a separate item from general income & expenditure. If the congress ever ceases a decision on what will happen to the balance will be made then. IW requested that the association underwrite any future losses that the congress may make in the same way that we do with the Oswestry rapidplay. The meeting was in favour of this but it was felt that it should be raised at the AGM. GS pointed out that the majority of the surplus was due to the catering which his wife would not be doing this year. IW acknowledged that the organiser was aware of this. GS also mentioned that the sponsors hadn’t been thanked for their support in the past. CR couldn’t comment on this but a letter asking for support this year could thank them for continued support.
    13. No report
    14. WP – verbal report - see schedule of dates. Are we interested in entering the U175, which is being run as a jamboree on the 21st January 2006? WP to canvass opinion.
    15. JW – verbal report – zonal basis see schedule. Lost a few players for the coming season but gained Richard Thompson and Glyn Randall. Anyone graded over 80 who is keen to play please contact JW.
    16. ID – verbal report – see schedule. BCF codes are required for the match result sheet. NR to produce a list with this code. Roger Brown has booked the Shifnal scout hut for home matches.
    17. IW – nothing to report.
    18. NR – nothing to report BCF to become ECF hasn’t happened yet.
  2. Any other business – none.

Meeting closed at 22:00.