Report of the 2004 Council Meeting 22nd September 2004

Venue Telepost Chess Club

Start of Meeting 19:45

18 Attendees:- Iain Wilson, Colin Roberts, John Casewell, Glyn Pugh, Peter Binks, Martin Patterson, Ian Davies, Toby Neal, Keith Tabner, Windsor Peck, Ray Thomas, John Westhead, David Williams, John Whittaker, Alan Shaw, Nick Rutter, Keith Grice, Richard Thompson.

1)      Apologises for absence. – Francis Best, Derrick Powell, Richard Tapley.

2)      Approval of minutes. – No matters arising.

3)      Election of officers – Ian Davies accepted the office of Under 100 team captain. Dave Gostelow has taken over the vacant congress organiser position. Two new positions have been added: - Darwin event co-ordinator John Casewell and Website editor – Keith Tabner.

4)      Officer’s reports

a)      Secretary  - Colin Roberts had nothing to report

b)      League controller – John Casewell reported that Ludlow will be entering a “B” team bringing the number of teams up to 24. The fixtures had been organised so that the first and third division were playing in week one and the second division in week two. To accommodate this he may be looking to extend the season by two weeks next year. Any fixture problems (too many teams playing the same night) sort out now with the opposition and let John know the revised date. There was then a general discussion about postponements and it was agreed that once the list had been checked for the above problems then matches should only be cancelled due to bad weather etc.

c)      Treasurer - Francis Best sent his apologises but will be sending out requests for league fees in due course to be paid by 31st December.

d)      Auditor – Glyn Pugh had nothing to report.

e)      Grading Officer – Nick Rutter reported that the grading list had been produced very quickly and was now available.

f)       County Individual – Nick Rutter reported that this year’s event will be starting mid October deadline for entries 10th October. The final printouts for last year will be sent out shortly.

g)      Oswestry Rapidplay – Keith Grice reported that this year’s event will be held on the 31st October which unfortunately clashes with the Wolverhampton rapidplay. Please support our event!

h)      Cox and minor trophy – Derrick Powell had prepared a written report saying that the Cox trophy had been won by Shrewsbury A (trophy given to David Everington) and the minor knockout by Ludlow ( Gerald Link has trophy).

i)        Publicity – Toby Neal nothing to report. Keith Tabner announced that was now up and running. Keith will be editor and Vincent Crean is the webmaster. Telepost website will revert to being a club site so change your settings to point to the new site.

j)        Congress Organiser – Dave Gostelow has taken over the running of the congress. Entry forms are available off the website. The congress did clash with two county matches but these are being moved.

k)     Junior organiser – Alan Shaw thanked Nick Graham and Brian Moore for help last year and reported that there would be two trials on the 2nd October and 6th November with a congress on the 11th December.

l)        County 1st Team – Windsor Peck reported that there would be three away matches on the  9th October Manchester at Stafford, 30th October Worcester and 15th January Stafford.

m)    County under 125 – John Westhead reported that there were 6 matches 30th October, 4th December, 8th January, 29th January, 26th February and 19th March full details can be found on the MCCU webpage . The match on 8th January will be moved due to the clash with the congress.

n)      County Under 100 – Ian Davies has taken over first match a week on Saturday. Full details can  be found on the MCCU webpage

o)      MCCU Delegate – neither Richard Thompson nor Iain Wilson had anything to report

p)      BCF representative –Nick Rutter had nothing to report. John Casewell had some general info from BCF not suitable for the Darwin event. 

5) Proposals re league rules

a. passed amendment to rule 15 (see amended rules)

b. passed amendment to rule 18 (see amended rules)

c. passed amendment to rule 18. Discussion then took place on the rest of rule 19. Richard Thompson suggested that the reference to discretion of the league controller be taken out. There was a general discussion on the subject and the following amendment proposed “…….higher team. If there is still a tie a play-off match or matches will be organised by the league controller. This was passed 8 -6. (see amended rules) Secretary/rules.htm .

5)      Any other business

a)      Ludlow have moved to the Town Football Club SY8 2DA see secretaries list .

b)      Oswestry will be moving with the Conservative club when it moves a date is not yet known.

c)      Darwin Centre event. This year has been a huge success due to better signage at the centre, local colleges frequenting it during breaks etc., people who used to play coming back into it there have been 15 referrals not just in the Shrewsbury area. The Darwin Centre like these community events and are looking forward to next year. Proposed event idea is a charity event where teams of players from groups i.e. solicitors, police etc put a team together. This will require more work and John is looking for assistance.

d)      The tie debate started again. Latest offer is a county tie for £5 being offered to county players at this year’s matches. Any sales made are a bonus as they have already been written off in the accounts.

e)      A request for an up to date captains list was made and is on the website. Secretary/Captains.htm . Any changes to any club information please contact me for amendment.

The meeting closed at 22:00 p.m.